Welcome to Enviroquest Ltd.

We are a small but innovative company that offers environmental consulting, and course instruction (e-learning and in-class) in apiculture, ornithology, and health and safety training. Enviroquest Ltd. is also involved in research on honeybee health, composting methods for horse farms, and creating software for health and safety training. 

Patents Available for licensing or purchase

Enviroquest is currently looking for investors that would like to license or buy the patent rights for a number of our patents.  Please see current information on patent availability.

Patent for Container Holding a Flexible Coffee Bag


Canadian coffee bag container patent



Environmental Consulting

  • Aquaculture and bird deterrents
  • Bee Health and Pollination Biology
  • Heritage Gardens
  • Fisheries
  • Toxicology
  • Health and Safety learning modules
  • Pesticide Pollinator Problems

Environmental Education

Two versions of the Fundamentals of Ornithology available! Please click the link below for more information.


  • Beneficial medicaments for insects
  • Patents Held
  • Protecting bees from tracheal mites
  • Beneficial medicaments for honeybees honeybee health and diseases (see patents held)
  • Pollinator dietetics
  • Bird as pests

Also be sure to visit our Canadian e- Centre of Ornithology for a Canadian
focus on avian research for professionals and amateurs.