Ornithology Learning Modules

 Fundamentals of Ornithology e-Learning Course. 

Fundamentals of Ornithology – complete course for credit!

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Lecture 1. History of Ornithology

Lecture 2. Diversity of Birds – Characteristics

Lab 1. Birding Basics of identification and using binoculars; General Topography


Lecture 3. Evolution and the reptilian features of birds.

Lecture 4. Taxonomy and Systematics

Lab 2. Classification and Building Phylogenies

$100 CDN


Lecture 5. Feathers

Lab 3. DNA and Barcoding of Feathers

Lecture 6. Avian Flight and Respiration


Lecture 7. Muscles and Bones

Lab 4. Structure and Function of Muscles and Bones

$100 CDN


Lecture 9. Circulation

Lecture 10. Immune system


Lecture 11. Metabolism and Excretion

Lecture 12. Feeding and Digestion

Lab 5. Virtual lab looking at Dissected Pigeons to Understand The Organ Systems

$100 CDN


Lecture 13. Bird brain- structure, function, intelligence

Lecture 14. Visual and Vocal Communication (Bird song)

Lab 6. Bird Song


Lecture 15. Nests

Lecture 16. Reproduction

Lab 7. Nests and eggs

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Lecture 17. Migration

Lecture 18. Navigation

Lab 8. Migration and Navigation


Lecture 19. Geographical Distribution and Biogeography

Lab 9. Habitat and Distribution of Birds

Lecture 20. Populations

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Lecture 21. Communities

Lab 10. Populaltion and Community Structure

Lecture 22. Conservation

Lab 11. Breeding Bird Census and Surveys


Lecture 23. Using Technology to Advance our Knowledge of Birds

Lecture 24. What is a bird? An overall review of lectures and labs.

Lab 12. What is a bird? Your interpretation of the perfect bird.

 $100 CDN