Technical & Educational Book Publishing

Enviroquest Ltd. is a publisher of technical and educational books with a policy of “affordability” through production at prices far lower than the main specialized publishing houses. Enviroquest Ltd. is pleased to consider overtures from authors who may wish to use us as their publisher with shared copyright and modest royalty arrangements.

Books published by Enviroquest Ltd. are available for purchase on-line through in North America, European sales and distribution is handled through Natural History Books (NHBS) (web site), and through Amazon. Enviroquest Ltd. is also launching a pamphlet publication line, again in collaboration with partners.


  • Kevan, P.G. (Editor). 1995. The Asiatic Hive Bee: Apiculture, Biology and Role in Sustainable Development in Tropical and Subtropical Asia. Enviroquest Ltd., Cambridge. Ontario. 315 pp. ONLY 14 COPIES LEFT!!!
  • Dafni, A., P. G. Kevan, & B. C. Husband (Editors). 2005. Practical Pollination Biology. Enviroquest Ltd., Cambridge, Ontario. 583 pp. 
  • Kevan, P. G. 2007 & 2010. Bees, Biology and Management. Enviroquest Ltd., Cambridge, Ontario. 345 pp.