About Enviroquest Ltd.

We are a small but innovative company that offers environmental consulting, and course instruction (e-learning) in apiculture, ornithology, and health and safety. Enviroquest Ltd. is also involved in research on honeybee health, composting methods for horse farms, and creating new software for training employees in Health and Safety, such as fire and lockdown procedures.

 Our expertise is largely in the birds and the bees. 

Sherrene D. Kevan, M.Sc. has conducted many research projects involving birds, and has taught Ornithology for over 20 years to professionals, senior and amateur birders, and university students.  Sherrene has also has been involved in treatment of bee diseases with microencapsulated botanicals, and garlic treatment for honeybee health during overwintering. 

Dr. Peter G. Kevan is a well-known pollination biologist.  He taught at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario for over 30 years.  He served as Scientific Director for Canpollin for the past 5 years.  Peter serves as consultant and advisor for all of Enviroquest projects.